A couple of years ago I started this blog.  Then I had what is probably pretty accurately described as an emotional crisis, stemming almost entirely from crippling impostor syndrome.  I spent the last three years figuring out who I am, what I want, what I like, and what makes me tick.  It turns out…two things really light me up: SQL and Psychology.  Through sheer luck, I ended up actually completing a BS in Psychology this past April, after spending 25 years in tech, 19 of which in SQL.  Which makes me an absolute expert in…perseverance and shit all else.

For a long time, Psychology interested me, but SQL paid the bills.  Until I started exploring the Psychology degree (long story, which I’ll explain one day), I had always considered these completely isolated fields.  It turns out, I was very wrong.  This is going to be on my tombstone.  I say it a lot.

All that data crunching for research makes sense, of course, and the relationship between Psychology needing data for studies is pretty easy to wrap your head around.  What was harder for me was realizing all the ways learning Psychology made me a better data professional.  How humans learn informs machine learning.  How we decide, perceive light, sound, or distance, or communicate are all foundations of artificial intelligence.  Predictive analytics and marketing (hello, Facebook, I’m looking at you!) is based on massive amounts of psychological research on behavior.

Another theme you will find here is how research I’ve found, or specific theories, apply to working in tech.  For example, I am always amazed at the amount of people who exhibit narcissistic traits or behaviors in the technology industry.  I’m obviously ill-equipped to diagnose anyone, nor will I attempt to.  I will try my hardest to simply refer to behaviors I observe, things I wonder about, and if I speculate on what might be going on in someone’s head, I will try to abstract that to vague generalizations.

With all of that said, I’m no expert.  I deleted all the previous posts because they were rubbish.  While I love SQL, and I’ve been doing it for a long time, I don’t feel like I know any more or less than anyone else.  I can’t give you any special insight that you can’t find better elsewhere.  However, what I can share with you, and get really freaking excited about, is how we humans think, feel, learn and interact;  what’s going on with sql, data, and emerging technologies (and the workforce driving all of it); and what that intersection looks like.

So I’m declaring a do-over!  Remember when we were kids, and we’d mess up a swing, or a shot…you’d yell do-over! Then retake the shot?  That’s what I’m doing.  Old blog is archived.  I might post technical stuff if it’s interesting and uniquely contributes.  But for the most part, I’ll be whining about why so many white males in tech have arrested development.